Please Buy One of These…and Learn How To Use It

A time-tested device for not looking stupid.
A time-tested device for not looking stupid.

I wondered what would rekindle the fire that drives me to write.  Would it be any of the number of currently trending political topics?  No.  Would it be some massive and controversial social issue?  No.  It turns out that what I really needed was to read a simple Facebook post.

The items that you see in the above photo are dictionaries.  For the uninformed they are books that contain alphabetical listings of words and their meanings.  These listings even come with handy phonetic representations which help with pronunciation.  I know what you’re thinking.  THAT IS AMAZING!  What an ingenious invention.  When did someone come up with such a thing?  Well, apparently the first ones came into existence around 2300 B.C.E  or over 4,300 years ago for those of you who need a little help with the math.

For those of you who have to have the “latest and greatest”, you may be surprised to learn that they have quite a number of FREE WEBSITES that work in exactly the same way and reference the same material.  In fact, most web services, browsers, computers, and word processing programs come with dictionaries built-in.

Quite simply, dictionaries are an amazing tool that make learning and communicating with a common language very easy…and yet there are a very large number of people who shun their use and insist on looking and sounding like complete morons.

As a public service I would like to take this opportunity to present several serious, salient, and pertinent questions, along with the correct answers:

  • Is it important to use proper spelling? Yes, always.
  • I have a teacher or parent (for the home-schooled) who says that effort is more important than accuracy.  Is that true?  No, they are allowing you to appear stupid and making you unemployable.  Good luck.
  • Is it cool or clever to use hip alternate spellings?  No, it makes you appear uneducated or worse, as someone trying to be hip (which is just sad).
  • What if my spelling skills aren’t that good?  Can I still post on the internet?  Only if you want people to know how little you value a proper education.
  • If my spelling skills aren’t good, what should I do to correct the problem?  I’m glad you asked.  You should BUY A DICTIONARY AND LEARN HOW TO USE IT.  You might also consider taking a course at a local community college in writing, grammar, and spelling.  Remediation always helps.
  • I’m still in school.  What should I do to improve my spelling?  Immediately turn off your computer and go to the library or someplace with no distractions and do your homework or read a book.
  • I’m having problems learning how to spell on my own.  Is there someone who can help me with that?  Yes,
    they are called teachers.  Find one and ask for help.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.  I would love to help.  If you have any negative feedback, please feel free to submit that, as well.  I would love to mark it up, correct the spelling and grammar, and then post it here on the site.