Dad was right…

I’ve read just about everything in the world about our current scandals and life-changing government blunders, and I’ve come to these final positions regarding Obamacare, the Federal Shutdown, NSA overreach, and Benghazi (because they are the strongest examples of where our country and its leadership are positioned):

  1. Anyone who lies to you will also steal from you.
  2. Don’t ever argue with an idiot, people may not be able to tell the difference.

Why are these statements so important?  Well, because President Obama, Representative John Boehner, Former Secretary of State Clinton, Jay Carney, and most of our current leadership in Washington are lying sacks of excrement and it should be no surprise that we are finding ourselves robbed and our way of life being destroyed by these people.  This is clearly addressed with statement number one.  It should also come as no surprise that it is fruitless for anyone with half a brain to try to convince their supporters that something is wrong by presenting them with facts.  This is clearly addressed by statement number two.

I just hate that I’ve wasted so much time realizing that I would have just been better off to operate under the parameters my father gave me.  That’s an awful lot of time lost which could have been better spent on other endeavors.

Our country is going to Hell.  How much lying, stealing, and ethical bankruptcy can we stand before we actually do something?  Somebody wake me up when people start burning stuff and heads start to roll.