Stuart’s Public Service Message for Audiophiles

ipodclassicLadies and Gentlemen, this just became an endangered species.  When Apple launched their new Apple Watch, they quietly did something in the background.  They killed the iPod Classic.  If you are like me and you have a HUGE music collection which you love toting around on your iPod (for use in your vehicles, on-the-go, in your shop, on trips, etc.), then you had better get busy and head on over to or Ebay and pick up one before they are gone forever.  Prices are already creeping up and supplies are getting low.  Be warned: There is no other 160gb option which works with iTunes and with the push to the cloud…it is likely that there never will be again.

I got a used one, yesterday, for $120.  Those are all gone.  Used ones are now up to $275 and new ones are up from $299 to $360, overnight.  If you use these, better “git you one”!