The Emperor Has No Clothes

When I was a kid, I read a lot. In fact, I should clarify that by “a lot”…I mean that I used to spend time leafing through encyclopedias when I didn’t have other stuff to read. My mother liked to support my reading from an early age, so she enrolled my in a Disney book club that existed at the time and I ended up reading a Disney adaptation of the classic story of the Emperor’s New Clothes. I must have read that book a bunch because I can still see some of the illustrations in my head and I just hit 40. (If you are someone that has never read some version of this story, I suggest that you pause and at least do a Google search to read the story before I drop the big spoilers in the next sentence.) I think that I was always fascinated with the story because I found it absurd that it would take a small child to point out that the Emperor was wearing no clothes. I mean really…who is stupid enough to pretend that that someone or something is not actually as it is presented to be? Apparently, most of us are that stupid.

Now, please understand, we are all going to be deceived at some point. I can look back over the course of my life and point out some real humdingers where I was totally snowed by the hype surrounding a prominent figure. Anyone remember Mike Warnke? Like a lot of people, I bought that dude’s load of bullcrap until Cornerstone magazine did a definitive investigation that exposed his con. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the first nor the last time that I was fooled by someone like that. Heck, I even recently believed that a politician could introduce change and transparency in Washington.

Before I digress further, I would like to get to my point. There are many, many, many people and/or causes out there that are not what they appear to be. From preachers and leaders to non-profits and politicians; there are a lot of people that either believe their own hype or worse, have orchestrated it to fool others and thereby profit from their naïveté, either through financial gain or the acquisition of power. I could start listing folks that have done this, but that always devolves into a he said/she said argument because honestly…some people never learn to recognize a person’s bullcrap…especially when it is clothed in god or country or cause. This has played itself out through history with often tragic results. People say that a movement or a church with an explosion of growth and success is definitive evidence of God’s blessing or political mandate or God’s will or even some sort of moral altruism. For those people, I would urge that you investigate the Nuremberg Rallies, Revered Jim Jones, the Communist Revolution, and any number of fallen televangelists. Additionally, for anyone who feels that such critical statements come from a lack of faith or perhaps general negativity, I would suggest that you read Jesus’ interactions with money changers and religious leaders in Matthew 21 and 23, respectively.

It has been said that you learn everything that you need for life in kindergarten. That may be true because that was about the time that I was introduced to the ever-present truth that quite often the Emperor has no clothes! Isn’t it about time that you woke up and starting asking some questions?

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