Really? This is some sort of surprise for you?


This particular magazine has been the bane of my existence today.  I normally wouldn’t get so upset, but it was everywhere.  It was even in the line at Lowe’s Home Improvement.  Lowe’s, a store that sells lumber and hardware.

Why should I let something like this magazine bother me, you ask?  Because this is the sort of thing that he is ruining young American women.  We are allowing the reinforcement of a stereotypical woman with poor judgement.

I barely know anything about  contemporary pop culture and even I know that John Mayer has had a string of bad relationships.  It has been covered in the tabloids, in the news, and comedians even make jokes about it.  In fact, Taylor Swift went so far as to write a song about the kind of person he is.

Anyone who wants to know what went wrong need only look at the man’s track record.  And yet somehow…somehow, we like to pretend that this is a situation that has a victim.  We like to imagine that Katy Perry has just ended up on the wrong side of love, when the reality is that she should have used better judgement.

This is one of the things that frustrated me the most during my final years of youth ministry. We live in a society that tells us that we can no longer make a decision about another person based on their track record because that would be “judging”.

I can’t tell you how many times I caught flack because I told some girl that her boyfriend was a loser and she could do better.  I would point out the young man’s past record with women advise that this was probably a bad decision. Too often, my advice is ignored and I was left to console the young lady somewhere down the road when the young man, inevitably, showed his true colors.

It has been said many times: “If a dog bite you once, shame on the dog. If a dog bites you twice, shame on you.”  I say that if you see a dog bite someone else and then you let it bite you, then shame on you the first time.

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