Two years ago, my friends broke the internet and set a Kickstarter record.  They reached their $30,000 goal in just under an hour and by the end they had raised over $200,000.  Their rabid (and I use this word lovingly) fanbase saw the opportunity to not only get a new album, but to bring something that they loved dearly back from the dead.  It worked on a scale that no one could have imagined.  I wrote a post about it at the time and honestly, I may have been underselling its importance.

Two weeks ago, Engine Of A Million Plots was released to us Kickstarter supporters.  It is awesome!  I won’t try to pretend to be objective about the album, as that would be silly.  I think that it is a solid album and one of their very best.  That being said, the album became available to the rest of the world yesterday.  I’m not going to try to sell you on buying it, but you might want to give it a listen on Spotify.

If you like it, please check out their website and find our where you can buy the album.  Also, even if you just kind of like it, you should see these guys play live.  Either way, I would like to congratulate Leanor, Reese, and the rest of the band.  You guys killed it!


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