Leeroy Jenkins and the NSA

I know that there is much debate about what is the best indicator that America and its government have irrecoverably started the decline that has affected every dominant civilization in recorded history.  I now have the definitive answer for that question.

Because it is politically incorrect to profile based on actual risk factors for terrorism that might reflect someone’s nation of origin or religious affiliation, we have chosen to monitor World of Warcraft and other gaming communities.  That’s right….gamers.  The same people who have to eat Hot Pockets and store soda and Cheetos near their televisions because they only leave the room to urinate during gaming hours.

The FBI couldn’t stop the Fort Hood shooting even though they had numerous emails between Nidal Hasan and Anwar al-Awlaki (a known promoter of terrorism) and yet the NSA thinks it is wise to monitor gamers.  That is just plan genius.

At least I’ve got some chicken.

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