This one’s for my Christian friends, college and Crossroads buddies, and people from the greater Charlotte area!

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I have watched over the last several months and most importantly the last week as you have engaged in lively debate and/or spirited defense regarding the actions of Mr. Furtick and Elevation Church.  I don’t want to hurt any feelings, but I want to drop some facts and what you do with them and whether or not you let them hurt your feelings is entirely up to you.  You’ll have to pardon me, but I live in Asheville, in community with lots of these sinners that such a church is supposedly trying to reach and I thought that some of you might like to see the facts as we see them.

Fact One:  If you are a pastor and you refuse to release the details of your salary, especially after building a $1,700,000.00, 16,000 square foot home (I want to you really look at those zeros, folks), in a post Jim Bakker/Robert Tilton world, then you deserve absolutely every bit of scrutiny that you have coming your way.

Fact Two:  If you are a pastor and you build a 16,000 square foot home for a family of five while the average-sized home for your congregation is probably 5 to 8 times smaller than that, you probably need to go look up the term pastor in a dictionary.

Fact Three:  To those of us that have read up on the issue of Elevation’s “spontaneous baptism” protocol, that operation looks a lot more like the work of the Wizard of Oz or a snake oil salesman than it does the work of the Holy Spirit.

These are the facts.  Y’all need to quit arguing about it and let Steven clean up his own mess.  Also, please note that any of you can pass this along to Mr. Furtick.  He knows who I am and we have a lot of common associates.  Please let him know that he can get my cell phone number from any of those folks and give me a call, if he feels the need.

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