Caleb Johnson

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Caleb Johnson:

Cornerstone 2007 768

so is this:

Picture 218

and this:


oh yeah, and this:

Picture 251

Now, I think that we can all safely assume that Caleb loves pointing at the camera, but here are some pictures of the Caleb you don’t know:

Caleb helping our youth group feed around 800 people spaghetti for free at a music festival.


Caleb coming the closest he ever has to actually breaking a sweat from manual labor while helping to rebuild homes in Gulfport, Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina.


Caleb listening to the music that would eventually inspire him to take up singing.


…and of course, Caleb looking cool with several of us walking down a street on a youth group trip.


I’m sharing all of this for one reason.  I want everyone that I know to share this with everyone that you know on the internet via Facebook or Twitter or whatever so that they will watch Caleb on American Idol and vote for him.

Caleb is remarkably ordinary and comes from a stable home.  He’s not addicted, abused, or neurotic.  He loves rock and roll and horror movies.  He’s got a lot of normal friends, is well-adjusted, and loves everybody.  In fact it is because he is so normal that I’m a bit concerned with his chances on American Idol.

Am I worried about his talent level?  No.  Caleb can easily out-sing and out-perform every other contestant in the top ten.  What I’m worried about is that Caleb is not exactly teeny-bopper material, nor will any special-interest group or sub-culture vote for him just to promote one of their own.  Caleb needs your help!

If you have ever wanted to rip your radio from the dash of your car because you hated soulless music, vote for Caleb.  If you like to support the average Joe, vote for Caleb.  If you would rather hear someone singing like Creedence Clearwater Revival than some bullcrap about what the fox says, then vote for Caleb.  If you have ever been a fat kid with a great personality and some talent who just needed a break, then you are obligated to vote for Caleb.  If you have ever wanted to support an amazing kid who loves everyone and has an incredible voice, you need to get off of your butt and vote for Caleb!

If he wins, I promise to post embarrassing pics and stories from his youth group years.  You have my word.

10 thoughts on “Caleb Johnson”

  1. Aunt Diane here in a Hollywood. I will be at the show tonight and tomorrow night. You nailed it with your description of Caleb! I love it! Everyone be sure to vote for Caleb tonight!

    1. the guys up here at A-1 have always been fans and we are pulling for him all the way he so deserves this its his turn

  2. He is awesome! I don’t know him personally, but I know some people he went to school with at Erwin! Good Luck and You are making Asheville Proud!!

  3. Love this – have been voting and will again tonight as I watch it with his parents at a special gathering in his Mom’s (my cousin) hometown.

  4. He seems like a very sweet guy, very talented to say the least, Hes the only reason I have been watching this yr haven’t watched since Daughtry He’s the first one in yrs worth watching..:)

  5. My daughter knows Caleb. So does my music minister at church. He has made us all so proud. Would love to see him win. He’s the only reason I bother watching.

  6. Oh wow! Thanks for hooking me up with these wonderful pictures of Caleb. He has grown sooooooooooooooo much. I look at American Idol just to see what he’ll do next. He always was a rock star, now the world knows it too!

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