Not Entitled To Hate…Ever.

This morning I awoke to the media barrage surrounding the Ellen DeGeneres Christmas ad for JC Penny.  I watched the ad to see what was so offensive and threatening to the moral fabric of our nation.  Yep, just what I thought.  Nothing.  All the controversy is merely because a company hired a lesbian (who happens to have a huge following with substantial brand recognition) to be in their commercial.

I’m going to keep this short and to the point for all of my Christian brothers and sisters.  Jesus commanded us to love our neighbors AND our enemies.  This means that we are not entitled to hate anyone…ever.  I know that we are all imperfect and sinners and that it takes the work of the Lord in our lives to get there, but it just seems like most of us aren’t even trying anymore.

I’ve got to go now.  I just realized that if I’m going to live by this that I have to find a hipster, buy him an expensive coffee, take a moody photo of him with a retro camera filter on my smartphone, post it to Facebook and then ask him if he would like to come to Christmas dinner.

Jesus’ words are hard.  Being self-righteous and hating people is easy.

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