So, it ends where it all began…(or hasta la vista iPhone as a music player)

Hello, Sony Walkman it is our time to journey together once again.  I have been growing increasingly frustrated with using my iPhone as a music player.  Especially since I found out that Apple’s drive to make your phone be cloud-reliant will cause even a 256gb iPhone like mine to not play all of the music that you have supposedly downloaded to it unless you have internet access or data signal.

Yeah, you read that right, if your iPhone can’t call home to Mama then it won’t play all of your music even if you have downloaded it to the phone repeatedly.  Apple really wants you to use Apple Music.  For someone like myself, this is unconscionable.  This is why Apple killed the iPod classic.  They don’t want anyone to have access to their own massive music collections without a monthly fee.

Well, Apple can jog on because Sony has completely redone the Walkman line and it has VASTLY superior sound and will take a 128gb micro sd card.  No moving drives to go bad and Sony’s proprietary sound processing.  Thank you for your service, Apple, but I have to say that it isn’t me…it’s you.  Our iTunes relationship has been suffering for quite some time.

I have spent the afternoon comparing the sound of my iPhone and this gem of a Walkman on my Audio-Technica MX-50x studio monitor headphones.  The winner is clear: Sony’s Walkman by a country mile.

Sorry, Apple, we are done here.

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